11 ene. 2012

Nueva Era en la Ribera + Arritmias en San Diego

Video producido por el Municipio de Lomas de Zamora sobre el desalojo de la Feria de la Ribera (Recomendamos remitir un flashback a las escenas del Intendente y los punteros en la Ribera de Hacerme Feriante)

mientras tanto, en San Diego

Arrhythmias: Narrative, political imagination & (im)possible archives

One-Day Conference

January 13 > 10:00am - 5:30pm

UCSD VAF Performance Space

Please join the University Art Gallery (UAG) for a one-day conference that brings together scholars and practitioners from Buenos Aires, San Diego, LA and New York who are working in and across various disciplines: visual arts, history, literature, theater, media art, documentary film, sound art and architecture. This conference explores artistic investigations into narrative as it shapes social and political imaginaries, as well as creative work in and on archives: from the archive’s proliferate contingencies, its silences, to the possibilities of counter-public archives.

This is the closing conference for Arrhythmias of Counter-Production: Engaged Art in Argentina, 1995-2011, on view at the UAG through January 20, 2012. It will feature keynote presentations by two of the artists in the exhibition who are visiting UCSD from Buenos Aires: Eduardo Molinari, founder of El Archivo Caminante / The Walking Archive, and Julian D’Angiolillo, who is a visual artist, land artist and award-winning documentary filmmaker.

The morning session on narrative will also feature a panel and roundtable discussion with Teddy Cruz, an architect and scholar of trans-border urban dynamics and alternative urbanisms; artist and filmmaker Steve Fagin; Fran Ilich, a media artist + activist and writer; and artist and scholar Mariana Razo Wardwell (aka Botey).

The afternoon’s session on archives features LA artist Sandra de la Loza, the founder of the Pocho Research Society; Grant Kester, a leading scholar on dialogical and relational art; literary scholar and writer Rosaura Sánchez; and members the sound art collective Ultra-red whose work bring together audio investigation and social justice organizing.

This event is organized by Jennifer Flores Sternad, a scholar of militant and activist art and performance in the Americas and curator of the Arrhythmias of Counter-Production exhibition.

Schedule of Events

9:30 AM Arrivals (coffee & pastries provided)
10:00 AM Opening remarks and Presentation by Julian D’Angiolillo
10:50 AM – 1:00 PM Narrative & political imagination
Panel and roundtable discussion with Teddy Cruz,

Steve Fagin, Fran Ilich and Mariana Razo

Wardwell (Botey)

1:00 – 2:30 PM Break for lunch

2:30 PM Presentation by Eduardo Molinari / The Walking Archive
3:20 – 5:30 PM From archives and their elisions toward counter-public

Panel and roundtable discussion with Sandra de la Loza,

Grant Kester, Rosaura Sánchez and Ultra-red (Elizabeth

Blaney, Dont Rhine, Leonardo Vilchis)

Generous Support Provided by haudenschildGarage