28 feb. 2012

In Other Words

 Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst

The Black Market of Translations - Negotiating
Contemporary Cultures
in cooperation with
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien.

Opening: 2. March 2012, 19 h
3 March – 15 April 2012

NGBK, Oranienstrasse 25, 10999 Berlin
and Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin
The Black Market of Translations - Negotiating Contemporary Cultures
is the title of an art exhibition which uses the operations of translation - reading, understanding, interpreting and rewriting a foreign text - as a cultural strategy to cross into other cultures. The exhibition displays a market of the foreign and otherness, inviting artists that explore the language of the Other to work in-between languages and cultures, penetrating, embodying and 'contrabanding' Others' words.

Beyond the prevailing passive co-existence of multiculturalism and static cultural diversity, it is necessary to explore a significant exchange between cultures by taking up the active practice of translation. In the spirit of a black market, the exhibition temporally exposes and reveals the acts of cultural transaction, transference, and translation of this cultural economy of the in-between, posing the question whether translation could reconcile the differences that separate languages, identities, and cultures, while proposing a form of 'cultural translation' which could ultimately become a concept for further cooperation and negotiation for contemporary cultures.
As a Black Market, the metaphor of 'illegal traffic' gives room for several counter-translations and adjoins the notion of a double-exhibition, which exposes multiple translation operations - major and minor; dominant and in resistance; official and censored - thus achieving a broader understanding of the experience of globalization, including the consideration of popular, informal, and alternative practices.

Adel Abidin, Marwa Arsanios, Kader Attia, Julien Audebert, Elena Bellantoni, Emilio Chapela Pérez, Cherimus, Julian D'Angiolillo, DETANICO LAIN, Yoel Díaz Vázquez, Braco Dimitrijević, Mounir Fatmi, Ofir Feldman, Graciela Guerrero Weisson, Christoph Keller, Moridja Kitenge Banza, Daniel Knorr, Takehito Koganezawa, Oliver Laric, Karl Larsson, Adrian Lohmüller, Monroy, Muntadas, Timo Nasseri, Olaf Nicolai, Jorge Pedro Nuñez, Nana Oforiatta-Ayim, Timea Oravecz, Bernardo Oyarzún, Soledad Pinto, Rosãngela Rennó, Gabriel Rossell Santillán / Nik Nowak, Sona Safaei-Sooreh, Mariateresa Sartori, Demian Schopf, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio, Paolo W. Tamburella, Mihalis Theodosiadis, Dani Umpi, Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, Humberto Vélez, Luca Vitone, James Webb, Dilek Winchester.

Project Group:
Elena Agudio, Stéphane Bauer, Elena Bellantoni, Paz Guevara, Giulia Piccini

Excerpts of Hacerme Feriante (Become a stallholder) will be screened in loop on
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
mariannenplatz 2
10997 berlin
u-bahn kottbusser tor

11 feb. 2012

El Nuevo Municipio en Other Markets (UCSD San Diego)

Informal markets have emerged as a vital part of cities around the world, from the new mega-cities of the Global South to the old centers of political and economic power. Spurred by deregulation and accelerating global flows, they are commonly tolerated as shock-absorbers of widening social divisions. Yet, whenever these markets show signs of establishing realms of their own official rhetoric paints them as threat to social and economic order, often followed by governmental actions of demolition, re-location or privatization.
Debating the spatial culture of informal markets as an arena of negotiation between multiple political demands, social actors and environmental constraints, 'Informal Market Worlds' departs from the question of how we can build more equal participation in the space of economy vis-à-vis the economy of space. In what ways can the spatial practices and cultural mechanisms that sustain informal markets help us in articulating progressive policies more adapt to the transnational realities of today's populations?
Informal Market Worlds
an international research forum on the trading places of urban informalities at UCSD - University of California San Diego, 16-17 February 2012

A two-day event of presentations and discussions, 'Informal Market Worlds' will bring together research on the architecture and visual culture of informal markets with a range of case studies from across the Americas and beyond. In addition to input from theorists in the fields of urbanism and political economy, the meeting will include presentations by architects, artists and activists on a range of markets such as the La Salada market in Buenos Aires, the Tri Border Area of Ciudad del Este, the Dominican border markets, street markets in the US or the informal economies of El Tepito in Mexico City.

Speakers include:
Raul Cardenas, Teddy Cruz, Julian D’Angiolillo, Laurent Gutierrez, Alfonso Hernandez, Hou Hanru, Rick Lowe, Peter Mörtenböck, Helge Mooshammer, Alfonso Morales, Gerald Murray, Valerie Portefaix, Fernando Rabossi, Ananya Roy, Ignacio Valero, Matias Viegener, Cog-nate Collective and others. 
Parque Rivadavia, feriantes de historietas pioneros en los ´50. (Extraído de La desplaza)

Lagos, Nigeria

 Desarme de la Feria de la Ribera en La Salada. Enero de 2012

7 feb. 2012

HACERME FERIANTE viernes 10 de Febrero en TIJUANA


Luego de su paso por UCSD San Diego, Haundenschild Garage y USFCA San Francisco

Viernes 10 de febrero - 6 PM
Casa del Túnel Art Center Tijuana
FB Casa del Túnel

Gracias a Ava Ordorica, Luis Humberto, Fran Ilich, Jennifer Flores Sternad, Fabian Cereijido, Sergio De La Torre y Eduardo Molinari